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Do solar panels need to be cleaned?



Do solar panels get dirty?  That was simple.  Solar panels are exposed to outdoor elements everyday.  So, do solar panels need to be cleaned?  Yes, they need to be cleaned.  Determining if your solar panels need to be cleaned is easy.   The “how” and the “when” may be a little more challenging.  Let’s see if we can help.

Historically, two cleaning options have been offered; the rain and a garden hose.  Let’s test the rain and garden hose methods… for this experiment we will use our brand new car.  We will only wash our car using the rain and the garden hose methods.  Fast forward the experiment…what does our car look like after one year, six months, a few weeks? Have we maintained overall value?  What about the lease agreement?  What about the warranty requirements?  PLEASED WITH THE RESULTS?  Doubtful.  Those that have offered the rain and the garden hose are encouraged to clean their brand new car like they suggest we clean our brand new solar panels.

Bluetail recommends cleaning your panels in the Spring months of March and April and again in the Autumn months of October and November for the following reasons:

  1. Dirt, allergens, mud and moss, not to mention bird droppings and ordinary dust accumulation negatively affects solar panel production.
  2. Entropy – Everything tends to disintegrate, degenerate …move from a state of order to disorder; unless new energy is infused for regular maintenance and rebuilding of its structure.
  3. When dirty, your solar array is not able to collect sunlight, the electricity that you desire to produce will be hindered.
  4. The efficiency of your solar array is directly dependent on its ability to collect sunlight.

Why Bluetail Industries?

  1. Bluetail Industries’ proven methods provide customers with the benefits of carefree maintenance.
  2. Bluetail Industries also offers professional, regular specified cleanings.
  3. Bluetail Industries cleaning process unleashes your systems the highest possible performance levels.

So, let me ask you, Do solar panels need to be cleaned?  Do your solar panels need to be cleaned?

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