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Solar Panel Cleaning Is Conditional

Solar Panel Cleaning Is Conditional. When considering the frequency or regularity of cleanings, the conditions surrounding your solar panel array matter.  The typical weather and environmental conditions of Sonoma, Napa, and Marin Counties warrant cleaning solar arrays at least twice each year.  Because of the position of the sun, we recommend cleaning your solar arrays in the early Spring […]
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Window Cleaning

If you “like clean windows” read this… One of my favorite clients told me once, “Andy, I want clean windows…All the time!  The problem with your window cleaning service is that my windows don’t stay clean.”  With the views that Northern California offers, professional window cleaning makes perfect sense.  The problem with clean windows is […]
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Do solar panels need to be cleaned?

DO SOLAR PANELS NEED TO BE CLEANED?  Do solar panels get dirty?  That was simple.  Solar panels are exposed to outdoor elements everyday.  So, do solar panels need to be cleaned?  Yes, they need to be cleaned.  Determining if your solar panels need to be cleaned is easy.   The “how” and the “when” may be […]
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Cleaning Solar Panels

SUNLIGHT COLLECTION = ENERGY PRODUCTION. Cleaning solar panels is important because solar panels are designed to produce energy.   When sunlight is collected, it is converted into useable electricity and thus your solar panels produce efficiently. Are your solar panels dark blue/black or white/grayish in appearance?  “Dark” (black or blue) coloring is used in the production of […]
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